Monday, August 22, 2011

Ouch. Again.

I've somehow managed to injure myself again. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you are probably nodding your head with lack of surprise. I'm at least not injured in a "sink shattered on my foot" or a "threw out my shoulder teaching writing" kind of way. Not even in a "cut the end of my finger off on a mandolin" manner. Just your average 'ol "don't know how I did it, but it hurts" way. I have some weird strain in my calf that's been there for a couple of weeks. Someone at the pool casually mentioned that she hoped I didn't have a blood clot and sent me into a frenzy of frantic Dr. Googling (not recommended).

Anyhoo, I did some slow, lame old lady walking on the track at the gym today and stretched it for all I was worth. Still hurts. I really prefer an injury that just goes away. And one that doesn't cause the elderly to look at me with suspicion.

I need to get it better by Friday because I have been invited to a weekend in the mountains! Without kids! Did you hear me? I'm going to back up and say it again. Imagine a slow whisper: without kids! Heeee! I haven't enjoyed a girls' weekend since last year's wedding crashing debacle. I'm going to have to straighten up and pay attention because this weekend is going to be a lot more active and a lot less girly than my spa and make up filled getaway. For this one, I need to bring active wear and water bottles. Bug spray and tennis shoes. And let's be realistic: a first aid kit and my crash helmet.

My goal for the weekend is to not be injured. Also, to not watch any children's programming about garbage trucks, construction or dinosaurs. I'd like to eat a grown up meal or two with flowing conversation not punctuated by barking orders at my children regarding manners, toilets or language. I might like to read a book without pictures and take a shower without spectators. Hey! I might get to take a poop by myself! What will that be like?

*pondering solo defecation*

Did I mention that we're going zip-lining? Squeeee! I'm pretty excited. Pray that I don't get the faulty harness or forget to do something important. Like hold on. Now, back to nursing this pesky calf. Suggestions accepted.

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