Friday, November 21, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting of late. It seems that I have, um, cut off the end of my index finger. Technically not the end, I suppose. More of the fingerprint. Most of it. It turns out that making sweet potato chips is something of a dangerous job.

See Exhibit A:

It seems that when one uses a potato slicer on one's finger, it does not create a stitchable wound. No, no. The doctor seemed to quite enjoy taking his little scissors and snipping my finger off. It fell to the table with a soft, meaty thud. I felt it. There was no novacaine and it was fairly gnarly. He was kind enough, after stopping the excessive bleeding with some sort of protein clotting pad, to ask if I'd like to keep my finger. I declined and accepted my bandaging.

(See Exhibit B):

Sigh. Typing is slow. I'll try to get on more regularly.

* * * * * *

So, upon review it seems I may have forgotten blocked out some aspects of the event. For instance, I forgot to mention that when the event happened, I looked down to see the front of my finger, the pad if you will, hanging off of the end of my finger and had to flip it back into place before wrapping it with paper towels and then telling Mr. Pigs. (He doesn't deal with blood or injury at all.) I also thought I'd follow up with a blood and gore shot to take care of any confusion:

Nasty much?

ps - Let me know if you'd like my recipe for sweet potato chips, sans fingers. They're awfully good.

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