Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Official Notice:

I declare henceforth that I will hereby be referring to Little Piggie by his new bloglegal name, Pigpen. An error was made in the original blognaming of the child prior to the realization that he is a rather stinky, odoriferous child. Therefore, future references to the previously called "Little Piggie" will be specified as "Pigpen".

Look at me!

It is difficult to fathom that this fuzzy-headed, gummy-grinned, cute as a bug's ear, specimen is in fact as smelly as a goat. Wee Pigpen has man-sized green foggy gas that can clear a room in 2.6 seconds. Who is left sitting there? The nursing mother, that's who. This precious little bundle of giggles already has smelly feet. And they actually smell like feet - real, "I've been playing basketball in 4 day old socks" feet. Even his head has its own unique scent. I always rather liked it until I realized he was the stinky kid and Eddie told me that my house was starting to smell like his head. Now I just have Pigpen. It's a good thing I think he's cute.

Can you imagine the stench of his teenage years? I'm hoping that the fastidious cleaning nature of Piglet will help keep Pigpen under control. Or at least bathed.

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