Sunday, November 23, 2008

Health Trifecta. I like the word trifecta.

So this finger thing is mighty inconvenient. I've gotten fairly good at typing with 9 fingers, but haven't figured out a good way to do dishes or give baths. Or wash my right armpit. Too much information? Probably, but you're reading my blog and that's just how I roll.

What was interesting was that I couldn't stop at cutting my finger off. No, no....that wasn't enough. A day or two after The Incident my back spasmed. Froze. Stiffened. Stove up, as Mr. Pigs likes to say. This was probably a result of holding my body so stiff while trying not to writhe on the doctor's table as he cut off a chunk of my finger. So....there I was, minus a finger and semi-paralyzed. It's hard to feed a baby when you can't look down at them, I tell ya. Pigpen probably thought my face disappeared with my finger.

Being the paranoid alarmist that I am, I immediately decided that my stiff neck was a sure sign of bacterial meningitis, no doubt a result of The Incident. I am never taken seriously in this concern, as Mr. Pigs swears that I "get" meningitis at least 5 or 6 times a year. He's going to feel bad one day if I really get it.

As a compulsive handwasher, it's been tough on me to have to rely on antibacterial wipes for my sanitizing needs. Guess what? It's not enough. My cold started creeping in Wednesday night. The annoying sore throat led to some mild coughing. Guess what coughing did to my meningitis? Ack! Seized up the back again! Thank goodness my parents came into town to help prepare for our family's Fakesgiving for 12 people at my house.

The good news is that it all seems to be on the mend. The finger is shedding stringy, gooey bits of dead skin and oozing bloody goo. The back has loosened up nicely after copious amounts of stretching and hot showers (not getting the finger wet, of course.) The cold seems to be being beaten into submission by my patented Zicam/Airborne combo, but the sore throat lingers.

So, all that said, I've kind of got an itch to start blogging more. I've been terrible since Pigpen's birth and the big move, but kind of miss it. I think there's a chance I may have lost many of my readers, though, so pump me up about this quest. I'm ready. I feel it. I'm there!

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