Monday, November 24, 2008


Good news! Pigpen slept through the night last night! I'm pretty sure I'm probably jinxing it by talking about it, especially on a public forum like this, but nonetheless, he did it and it made us happy. This is almost exactly the age that Piglet did it too, perhaps my babies are pre-programmed to sleep through at 5 months.

I have such wee scrawny babies that they seem to take a while to get there. Well, they started out biggish, 8 and 9 pounds, but then they are slow growers. Pigpen is clinging to the bottom rung of that growth chart at 12 pounds 3 oz. Tall and skinny, that one.

What drives me insane is when people from a different generation only believe in formula feeding, putting rice cereal in baby bottles at one month, and putting babies to sleep on their stomachs make snide remarks about the way we do things in this day and age. (COUGH! Mother-in-law! Cough!)

Some people feel that if I gave him a bottle full of cereal before bed, he'd sleep through the night and Mr. Pigs could get some sleep. Did you catch that? Mr. Pigs. Because you know, he's the one sitting up nursing this baby at night. You know, he has to get up early to go to his real job. Since it's been proven that cereal will not in any way help them sleep longer, I'm not sure which statement is more idiotic.

Whew. That's a load off. I've always refrained from MIL bashing on this blog, but she's coming this weekend and I'm not sure I can refrain much longer. You want to talk about blog fodder? This woman is unbelievable. It's amazing that I've managed to keep my twitchy typing fingers quiet this long. Perhaps more will come.

In the meantme, look! Two days in a row! It's a new leaf for Pigs.

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