Sunday, August 21, 2011


You know I think about you every day, right? These long, lonely absences are weighing on me as much as they certainly are on you. Every day, little things happen and I think, "Ooh! Blogworthy!" and then they flitter out of my head like the rest of my thoughts and I forget them. I am genuinely sad that I'm not going to have much record of August on the books, as this is the closest I will get to keeping baby books for my children.

I have to fight a war against my brain trying to block out these long days filled with squabbling and dirt and toys with small pieces. The human brain is obviously programmed to forget these early years, or our species would have died out a long time ago. I suspect that's what happened with the dinosaurs. The mama T-Rex was all, "If I have to deal with one more Triceratops carcass left on this floor, there will be no siblings for you!" Then you know what happened after that. Shrug. Just a theory. 

The one that made me laugh today(quietly behind my hand, of course) was Piglet coaching Pigpen on a kid's iPhone game. He was about to come out of his skin wanting to just do it for him, and all I could hear was, "Pigpen! Tap that! TAP THAT, Pigpen!" If you are of my generation you are chuckling to yourself. If you are my mother, just nevermind. *whistling*

I've been spending a lot of time working on the Common Cents Meals stuff. It's actually really fun, which is embarrassing as it is probably the most publicly nerdy thing I've done since writing and performing the Writing Rap for my students before the Writing Test each year.

[Ten minutes just lapsed as I probed my brain to remember the rap. The girls at my first school used to jump rope to it on the playground because I WAS THAT AWESOME. They called me Miss Mix-A-Lot. Okay, they didn't. That was a lie.] If someone can give me a beat-box in the comments, I'll throw down some lyrics.

I have digressed beyond recovery here. Where in the world was I? Eh, I have no idea. I'll reset my brain tomorrow. Was this worthy of posting?

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