Monday, September 05, 2011

Name My Prize

What, WHAAAAAAT?! Do you know what day it is? Do you? I'll give you a's been 111 days of summer break and this Mom of the Year right here has survived it!

[pause for lengthy applause]

It's such an important evening to me, that I am moved into song. A little free verse, perhaps. Ahem. Hem, hem...

Twas the night before preschool
The bags packed and ready
Lunchboxes are full
And mommy is steady.

Focused she is on the tasks to be done
Extra clothes, order forms,
Checked off one by one.

In the morning, the summer will end at long last
Long hot days in the sun, a part of the past.
Mommy smiles as she dreams of fall days yet to come:
Solo shopping, long showers, time with number one.

Even Gus is excited, it's there in his eyes!
He can't wait til the morn to wave bye to those guys.

No more swim team or pool dates
Or water gun fights...
Early bedtimes and schedules
Are Mommy's delight!

Okay, that kind of fell apart there at the end, but I'm sure you get the sentiment. Just picture me skipping about and kicking my heels together. Add a little perma-grin and you've got it. The boys are so ready to go back to school. The repetition of summer (gym, pool, gym, pool, gym, pool) has gotten to everyone. It's time for a change! A new time! Some freedom! Ahhhhh......

So, what should my prize be for surviving 111 days with a three year old and a four year old? Hmmm?

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