Tuesday, August 02, 2011

HAWT. Duh, it's August.

Well, hey there! If we were fraternizing on Facebook, I'd surely show you a screen shot from my iPhone of our weather forecast. That, or a picture of the dashboard temperature reading in my car. Lucky for you, we're not on Facebook and I'm not (actively) trying to be annoying right now. I just wanted to gripe about that for a paragraph or so. Scrolling through ye olde Newsfeed gets really boring just looking at pictures of everyone's phones. I mean, YES, it's hot. But, hellooo? It's August? Isn't this what everyone wanted when we were all snowed in back in January? I love hot weather, frankly. I'd take this hot mess year round if I could. I'd rather sweat than shiver anyday.

[Panting from exertion of rant.]
What else is new? Well, not a whole lot. I've been trying to not throw up from the skeery nature of throwing this menu planning idea out to the Internet. I've been attempting to train and retrain my wild children who are a little tired of each other and still have a good five weeks before preschool starts. I've been at the pool and the gym pretty much every day to try to maintain my sanity. How about you? What's up, peeps?

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