Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey, um....has anyone seen Pigs? Hmm.

Well, obviously, I made it to the beach. And obviously, I had no internet connection. Okay, that's a lie. I had no time to blog. Well, that's not really the truth either. See, there was this huge octopus that walked up out of the sea and typed eight-legged emails to all of his friends using my computer. I kept trying to get to the keyboard. "I have to write a blog post!" I told him (with desperation in my voice, natch). I hung in there after he whacked me with his tentacles, one after another. But then he got a little too close to comfort to my new bionic, de-cataracted eye and I got uncomfortable. I resigned myself to sitting idly by while he borrowed my computer for seven days. You understand, right?

Here's the rundown in photos of what I would have written about had I had access to my computer:

First, it's important to begin each day with a lively run. Children possess ridiculous amounts of energy and it is good for their disposition if they expend some of that energy. Nicer parents would have told them how far to run. We found it more entertaining just to see how far they would go. We're still not sure who won.

Next, of course, comes digging. Planning, trenching, and more digging. This project below was the result of the efforts of three grown men. Piglet and Pigpen assisted and learned.

And upon completion, they critically surveyed their work, and excitedly watched their hole fill with shark pee.

After a display of manliness, it was time to pick up the ladies. Young Lily Margaret was the focus of their attention this year. She taught them a thing or two. Pigpen has waaaay more game than Piglet.

I like to wrap up each day with a photo session in which Piglet pretends he's in a magazine ad and laughs gaily into the wind. Pigpen looks on with confusion.

Pigpen redeems himself by skipping jauntily into the sunset.

After dinner, a round of mini golf is in order. The boys averaged 16 strokes on a 3 par course on each hole. Somehow, Piglet managed to score a hole in one on the last whole, earning a free game. We will be saving said game for next year.

At last, we do a little of what I like to call Beach Sleepin'. 

And aside from a little wave riding and boat riding, that's what you missed. We will now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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