Friday, July 29, 2011

Actual Conversation From My House Tonight:

Pigpen: I have to poop. [assumes position on potty]
Daddy: Piglet, go to bed.
Piglet: No, I want to see how many inches Pigpen's poop is.
Me: [snort]
Pigpen: Look! [points proudly at own stool]
Piglet: Whoa! That's big! I'm glad it's not any bigger or it would smell even worse!
Me: [collapsed in heap of laughter on floor clutching stomach]
Daddy: Hoo! Lord! That smells to high holy, Pigpen!
Pigpen: [grins proudly] I'm a big boy.
Me: [Gasping for air, still in hysterics]
Piglet: Where's Mommy?

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