Saturday, July 09, 2011

These deprived children are clearly bored.

Ah, Saturday. So good to see you, friend. Another fun-filled day is complete.

Today, I had the privilege of going to The Wal-Mart. As it turns out, The Wal-Mart also does not carry my book. While they had an impressive display of hunting manuals and NASCAR literature, they were not heavy on pop culture reading. I had the pleasure of people watching for a good fifteen minutes while the family in front of me checked out. It was one of those inappropriate games of "Just How Do These People Fit Together?" as I observed the woman (40?), the two obese, yet scantily clad, teenage girls (15?), the emo/camoflaged sullen teenaged boy (17?) and the baby (18 months?). Such a challenge! The woman must be the mom, but to whom? Is the baby hers or one of the teenagers'? Is the boy the son or the baby daddy? So many variables, such interesting, fitted, shiny attire. Really, a lovely wait in line. Alas, I am never to know.

The boys crammed in at least a week's worth of activities into a day as they played golf, had a picnic, played on the swingset, rode the Gator, picked up pinecones, and built a home for squirrels from a sandpile.

Above, Piglet takes a swing. He chased every single ball and brought it back on foot. He was literally asleep in less than one minute when I put him to bed.

Oh, and I forgot their trip to the fire station. Because this day really needed just one more little thing squeezed in, right? They got to sound the siren, squirt the hose, and explore the truck. Small towns have options big ones don't, I suppose!

And now is the time on Sprockets when I sleep. Mr. Pigs and I are taking turns getting up with the boys this week and tomorrow is my turn. For some reason, when we travel our children wake with the sun. Unfortunately for us, the further east we travel, the earlier that sun comes up. Urgh. I'll come to you next from the beach! My stomach just sank envisioning how early the sun comes up at the beach.

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