Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Picture Requests, continued:

From MommyProf: Things I miss from before I had children. She gave me permission to use an old picture, so I stole this one right off of my own blog from Summer 2006. This means that I was pregnant in this picture, which I don't miss, but look at the luxury! The floating! No one hanging on me! Bliss. And I'm pretty sure that about an hour after this picture was taken, there was probably some form of Sonic ingested. Ahhhhh.....

Now, let's be real. Things really aren't that different. I still go to the pool every day. I still get to turn brown and collect daily doses of Vitamin D and float in the water. I'm just doing it with some extra luggage, more snacks, and a pool noodle or two. Something I have now that I didn't have then is a completely legitimate excuse to be on the water slide. And also to speak sternly at other people's children if they are endangering my own. Heh. Bring on my bathrobe and shaking cane.

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