Monday, June 06, 2011

A brief break from the photo assignment...

Having just completed a five hour drive home with my husband, beagle and two preschoolers, there are some things I would like to talk about. Namely, a bit of the game that sometimes sends me into a spiraling depression: Then vs Now.

Then: On long car trips, I would read a complete novel. Sometimes two!
Now: I read aloud the contents of the DVD holder and Mr. Pigs' work emails. Then I take dictation as I send replies.

Then: I would bring along a soft pillow and relish in a leisurely nap en route to my destination hurry the trip along.
Now: I pray that some child - any child! - will drift into a nap. And then that the other one won't wake him with needless headphone-driven yelling.

Then: I would engage Mr. Pigs in a rousing match of Name That Tune! or Sing Those Lyrics! as we radio station hopped our way across the country.
Now: Mr. Pigs listens to staticky sports talk, the boys watch riveting construction videos and I listen to bits and pieces of a book on CD whilst breaking up various fights, meeting everyone's demands, and trying not to get carsick from turning around backward.

-Hmm. This is sounding rather negative. -

Then: I would take pictures of funny signs and talk about them on my blog ("Tender Sacks Only $3.99! or "Eat here! Get gas!")
Now: I seek entertaining Facebook Check-In locales that make me laugh. (Today's included "Quaker Steaks and Lube" and "Concealed Weapons Permits")

Then: I would gently retrieve Gus from his pallet of blankets which lined the backseat for his traveling leisure to walk him and offer him water at each and every stop.
Now: Gus is so happy that we remembered to take him. He rides door to door in his crate in the "way back" of the car. There are no stops for Gus; these are reserved for children to pee. He is thrilled at the upgrade in which he no longer has to ride at the feet of Pigpen and receive toys to the skull.

Now, wasn't that inspiring? I am considering a daily inspirational calendar of sorts. Perhaps a "Things to Ponder" devotional type deal. I hear that's where the big bucks are.

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