Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bernard? Big Joe? Hoot?

After being ever-so-gently nagged at the pool today about a lack of Facebook posting and a lack of blog posting, I elect to start on my picture post. You know, the one that only got like 3 requests. I remember [Cue dramatic soap opera style music] in the days of blog yore, when my picture posts would generate many, many requests and pictures. Alas, the fault is my own. [End music. Insert WAH WAH horn.]

So, the requests. Firstly, my owl. I have to say, he's really doing his job well. The offending bird has definitely cut down on his racket. I feel that I should name the owl, as he is rather a part of the family now. Name requests being accepted. Isn't he menacing?

Must awaken sleeping boys worn out from their morning of aquatic fun. I am 15 minutes past my own 4:00 rule as is. I will return with the next request....the always fascinating DVR queue! Be riveted! And make more requests to keep me going.

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