Monday, February 14, 2011

Amblyopia: can you define it?

Well, a Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I hope your day was filled with doctor's offices, suspicious wounds, and grocery shopping! Oh, wait....that was mine.

Pigpen started Valentines by waking me up almost every hour last night moaning. He had (maybe?) a low fever and some sniffles, but he has been over his cold for several days. We began our our day of love by spending 45 minutes in the sick waiting room at the pediatrician's office with the flu-ridden, Gatorade-clutching, feverish set. Have you ever tried to keep two boys, aged 2.5 and 4 from touching, breathing, climbing,, being themselves? It's not possible.

You should have been witness to the flurry of hand sanitizing and hand washing and wet wiping that took place when we - finally - got an exam room. Shudder. Long story short (too late), he has a minor sinus infection....and possible staph. In a sketchy looking abrasion on his buttock. SERIOUSLY?? So, we're watching that.

Later that day, just after lunch, I was telling the boys how Valentine's Day was for boys to show their affection for the most important girl in their life. (At this point, I was pointing wildly at myself with both hands.) Piglet's eyes lit up and he said, "LILY??" Awwwww. Burn. While Lily is an excellent pick (though miles out of his league, if we're being honest), come on! You'd think I'd get at least age FOUR. Sigh.

Later in the afternoon, I got the best series of Valentine's presents from Mr. Pigs. First, I got to go to an appointment at the neuro-opthamologist alone! They had squeezed me in, so I got to wait for a whole hour in the waiting room! By myself! With a book! While Mr. Pigs took the boys to swimming lessons! I then got to find out that I:

a) Am cross-eyed
b) Have ablyopia
c) Have pie shaped sections in each retina from which I cannot see.

How about them apples? My eyes are a train wreck, but good news? My brain is okay! Well, ish. Then I luxuriated in a 45 minute commute home during bumper to bumper stop and go rush hour traffic. Alone. In a car. By myself. Squee!

Mr, Pigs bathed both boys and put both to bed alone as part of my Valentine's present. AND gave me a pair of pajamas that match! Score. A Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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Katie Barron said...


I only get 'love' from my 4 year old when he knows he's in trouble.  Or about to be.  'Mama, I love you SOOO much.'  How did he get so good at manipulation? 

I was THRILLED with the new travel coffee mug I got from my hubby.  I will use it every day and it was the perfect gift.  Clearly a decade of marriage has made us live for the little things and turn those into romance.  But hey, I'll take it.