Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The trouble continues...

I thought our health issues of yesterday were over, until Pigpen awoke this morning without use of one of his knees. As in, he couldn't bear any weight on it and wanted me to carry his 30 pound self around the house. Clearly, I didn't send him to school and instead took him back to the pediatrician (where we sat in the well waiting room this time, thankyouverymuch).

We got to see Old Experienced Doctor, for which I was grateful, and he made me happy when he declared Pigpen's cheeky blemish to be of a non-Staph nature. Unfortunately, he was rather befuddled about the nature of Pigpen's random knee event. I'm sure it was particularly difficult to diagnose with Pigpen climbing all over the exam room, running, and jumping about, as his Advil had kicked in and apparently cured him.

Never fails.

OED stuck with it though, and noted the swollen and warm knee compared to his regular skinny cold one. He said that occasionally an infection (sinus, we assume?) can cause inflammation in large joints. I have never heard of this. I still think it sounds really, really odd. I'm to keep him on ibuprofen today and tomorrow, let his antibiotic work, and then see what happens. Umkay. I'm not really comfortable with plans like these. I like a nice black and white "do X, and Y will happen" kind of plan.

As soon as he woke up from nap, his Advil had worn off and he couldn't even stand on that leg again. It was so sad and pitiful. Poor, poor Pigpen! His official diagnosis was "toxic arthritis". Isn't that a horrible thing to place on a wee two year old? Harsh.

Here's hoping to a better tomorrow for the little booger.


mommybelle said...

<span>That is so odd.  Annabelle had something very similar to that a few years ago.  And hers accompanied a virus as well.  Hope he feels all better tomorrow!</span>

a99ie said...

Curious for an update today. Better? I would assume so, as you didn't mention carting him to the gym.

You've inspired me: I'm keeping a list of my 2011 "Reads". Already on book 5 now. I'm determined to hit the 50 books you aim for. Reading a book called "Room" right now. Main character and voice is a 5 year old boy. Interesting so far.

Janessa said...

Sorry to hear this - how scary!  Hope he feels better.  It sounds like OED is on top of it...keep us updated!

Aims said...

So strange! And a little scary. I, too like the cut and dry diagnosis with solution. Hope he feels better by now.