Friday, November 05, 2010

You pick.

What'd you do today? I'm sitting here, ready to bloggity and - nothing! I have no idea what I did today. I started walking through my day and it seems like I did a lot, but not one thing blog worthy. So, what is the appropriate thing to do? I'm going to need your opinions. Because before I even write this, I can tell you that my day was as boring as snot (actually, that's a terribly simile because snot is terribly interesting and somewhat amusing, and sometimes even destructive). Are you ready to judge? Here are your choices: don't write or write about boring day.


Began day with Piglet waking me up at 7:03am bringing his STUPID RATTLE BEAR to the bathroom with him. This racket also awakened Pigpen. Piglet has been long forbidden to bring this insanely loud bear out of his room, so the bear found itself in time out isolation atop the fridge for two days. Day begins.

Pigpen's big boy furniture is supposed to be delivered today. They were supposed to call me yesterday with delivery time. Did they? Um, NO. I had to call them at 8:30am. The gentleman on the phone told me my window was 11-3. I told the gentleman that there could not be a worse time for the delivery of a toddler's new furniture. He did not care. Man had already left in truck. Blast.

I took advantage of my 9-11 free time by - what? Oh, yes. Walking on foot in 40 degree weather with both boys and dog to hand deliver boxes of pancake mix to the mailboxes of neighbors who responded with interest on Facebook to my pancake surplus plea. Bad, bad, bad idea. Pigpen cried the whole time and walked with his arms out like the kid from A Christmas Story because apparently, his coat, which was Piglet's, did not get a lot of use in Texas.

Anyhoo....Pigpen got tired, Piglet got to wandering, and Gus got downright vagrant, so we headed home to finish the errand in the car. I chatted up two friends and drove past the same woman walking the neighborhood enough times to make her think I was a pedophile. I went to the bank! And deposited a check! Isn't that exciting?? 

Then, then! I came home and awaited the furniture. Waaaaaahoo. Lemme tell you. While I did, the boys played in the yard and I called Blue Cross Blue Shield. This would have been fine and good if Pigpen hadn't turned the hose on himself in aforementioned 40 degree weather. Soaked winter coat, soaked pants, soaked shoes. Fantastic. And? The worst part was that I had to chastise them in a nice voice because I had an insurance company on the horn who could have zapped CPS on my tail. Oh, the wrath.

Found out we're still not at our deductible for the year on insurance. $371 to go. SIGH. Pigpen met his individual deductible months and months ago. Bygones. And again, uninteresting, sorry. I will continue. Where were we? Oh! Wet children not being beaten.

Of course just as I was about to prepare lunch, the furniture truck shows up and I have to meet them at the door straight up redneck with a Pigpen on my hip wearing only a diaper and a Piglet in the background having dressed himself in camo shorts. The furniture was installed in the Big Boy Room amid much oohing and ahhing over the drill and screws. Check. Lunch was next. Check. (And, yes I DID feed my kid Rotel dip left over from last Saturday's Halloween party, thankyouverymuch. Waste not, want not, people.)

Kids to bed for one nap and one quiet time. I cleaned up the house, paid bills, and couponed a bit for sport. Mr. Pigs home. Boys are awake. You know what that means? Time for Friday afternoon haircuts, white trash style....stool, old drop cloth, and nekkid. First Piglet, then Pigpen, then Mr. Pigs and ship them all into the shower together whilst I clean up. Zip, zap, just saved $45.

Snacks, basement playtime, and a refi on the house. Kids' dinner, baths and bedtimes. Sushi for dinner and packing up for Clemson early in the COLD, COLD, COLD morning. And that, my friends, is my crazy-excited existence. So you vote. Worth it? Or shoulda just gone on to bed? You judge.

**And by the way? I've been blogging an AWFUL LOT lately. Has no one been remotely impressed? I  blame Mommyprof.


Anonymous said...

I love it!  What is boring to you is entertainment for us!  So thanks to Mommyprof!

Nicole said...

Write about it!  I love reading this.  Makes me feel better about my boring day.

Carrie said...

I'm impressed!  I enjoyed reading about your day--you have a flare for writing that makes even mundane tasks enjoyable to read about. 

God, what a generic, assnine comment.  This is why I hardly ever blog any more.  I've become boring and asnine.

mommyprof said...

I, for one, have been extremely impressed. Especially since I have been rather low on the blog mojo lately...

Here's some ideas:

1. How one gives a decent looking haircut to a squirmy toddler
2. How Piglet used up his whole deductible
3. How you go to the store to buy clothing for yourself with multiple, small children (seriously - I am mystified by this one!)

Hey, I didn't say they were GOOD ideas...

Jessica said...

Even when its about nothing, its really funny reading your blog.  I was so excited to find all these entries after not being here for a month.  Always get a laugh out loud.  Thanks for writing.

katielady said...

Quite interesting, I would not say my time was wasted in any way!

Pigs said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure I have an answer to #3. Will work on the other two.

Pigs said... are never boring.

Pigs said... are never boring.

Aims said...

Please tell me that Mr. Pigs doesn't get his haircut in the buff. 

Pigs said...

Correction. The BOYS are in the buff. Mr. Pigs is properly clad.