Sunday, November 07, 2010


I forgot to mention last night that after we returned home from the Clemson game, Gus was so bent out of shape about being left all day that he tore outside like a furry tornado of destruction. He raced up the yard, down the yard, released a few courtesy howls, and then ate a bird. Not ate a bird in the sense that he caught a bird and killed it, but more in the sense that he happened upon some dead bird that probably perished from some wasting avian disease and fell out of its nest in my yard. So, he ate old, previously perished, possibly infected bird. While running from me. Feathers everywhere.
Fast forward to last night when the time change wacked everything out as I predicted it would. Piglet was up in his room for hours picking at his toes and messing around instead of sleeping. Pigpen woke up at a bright and early dark and dreadful 5:41am....for the day. Lucky for me Mr. Pigs got up with him. Rather, he went into his room and let Pigpen "read" to him for an hour until Piglet woke up. I couldn't fall back to sleep because my internal clock is all screwed up now, so I took a leisurely lay in bed and read and read and read in The Help, which I cannot put down for anything. It's the reason this post is going to be short because I MUST finish that book tonight. More digression.

When I finally rolled out of bed this morning, I got to start my day by cleaning up puked bird. Because the bird wasn't gross enough the first time, I got to enjoy it in its vomited form.

Day was spent moving furniture downstairs, rearranging a room, cleaning up after all of said rearranging. While relaxing during nap with The Help, Pigpen fell out of his bed and shook the house with the crash. Poor sad! Cooking, cleaning, and teaching the boys how to play Cootie rounded out the rest of the day. One major meltdown over a lack of footed pajamas ended the day and now all is well. Two sleeping kids and I'm on my way....just as soon as I finish this book. Will try to return tomorrow with witty anecdotes and clever prose. (har har)


Laura B. said...

I loved Cootie!  So glad its still around! 

I'm also glad to hear you really like The Help.  Its been on my list at the library for-EV-er since everyone and their mom wants to read it.  But I'm currently #20 in the queue (down from 500!), so hopefully soon I'll get my grubby hands on it!

Laura said...

I read The Help and couldn't put it down either!  What a great read.