Monday, November 08, 2010

(Lots of parentheses coming up.)

Today was a beating. The good news is that I quickly finished up The Help last night....the bad news is that I have that book hangover where I miss all the characters and keep thinking about it all day. And wishing there was a another chapter coming up. I am excited about my book club meeting on this one. We always bring food in the theme of the book, so I'm trying to decide on my best Southern cooking dish. Perhaps a big 'ol banana puddin'. Mmmmmm.....

So, as I predicted for the last few days, both kids were up by 6:20am today. Pigpen actually woke up at 5:30, but Mr. Pigs thankfully talked him into another 45 minutes of shut eye. Sadly, that means I've been awake since 5:30am two days in a row now and this simply does not set well with me. I don't feel clever, I don't feel witty. I have brain fog. I'm more inclined to berate my children than laugh at them....with a few exceptions. In my sleepy stupor today, I began to pick up on how MANY (many, many, many) questions Piglet asks all day. I mean all day long. He never stops with the questions. Nonstop. And usually loud and occasionally in public.

Just a handful from today: ( I want you to pause and think about how you would answer each one.)

Mommy? How come there's so many storm drains?

[Seriously. Is there a right answer? Because it rains a lot?]

Mommy? What makes it rain?

[Sigh. Science. Meteorology. Clouds. God is watering the trees. I invoke God a lot lately to explain nature.]

Mommy? What do you call it? That thing when ice cubes fall from the sky?

[Hail. It's called hail.]

Yeah. Is that why there's garages?


Mommy? Can turtles climb trees? Do they live in swamps? Can they crawl out of their shell? Why do they have a shell?

[head spinning from rapid machine gun style questioning]

Hey, are there sharks in swamps?

[No, salt water, fresh water, yada yada. Gills.]

Are gills like a snorkel?

[snicker. YES. Picturing various types of fish swimming about in ocean with snorkels and flippers]

AUGH!! Mommy! [grasps at self] There's something in there! It's not pee pee or poo poo or my wee wee!! [Flails about in carseat}

[Interesting. It passes.]

Mommy? Why can't we teach Gus to use the potty? Why can't I pee in the yard anymore?

[It's against the law. Discuss law for a while. He spot police car]

Mommy? Why is that policeman just driving around?

[He's making rounds to make sure everyone is following the rules.]

What? What's rounds? Rounds?

Pigpen: ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND.....FAN! [squeals]

Hey, Mommy? How do trees stand up?

[Discuss root systems. Water. Back to God watering plants.]

Those questions are just ones I remember off the top of my head from our drive to the YMCA, which is a mere five minutes away from our house. Just the tip of the iceberg. There was also a barrage of questions about an old lady on one of those scooter things in Kroger. (Embarrassing.) There was also a four attempt redo on proper exiting technique from the playcenter at the YMCA. (Very embarrassing, but necessary. They like to go tearing out of there like wild, crazed maniacs. We totally practiced walking properly over and over until they did it right. I went all school teacher on them. Very publicly.)

And, finally after I made them chocolate chip cookies for snack (See? I can be nice.), Pigpen got chocolate all over himself and Piglet freaked out, "Mommy!! Pigpen has a chocolate booger!!) I dislodged the chip from his nostril, much to Piglet's relief and Pigpen's annoyance. Delightful creatures to eat with, they are.

To wrap up, I'm catching Pigpen's cold, which I am VERY vexed about. I'm sucking down Vitamin C and zinc and am in total denial of illness. Just looking the other way. Head in the sand. What cold? Have way too much to do this week to be sick. Nope, not gonna do it. Nuh-uh. Preschool resumes tomorrow and perhaps that will be healing to my immune system. I just need a good night of sleep!

I compliment y'all on your improved commenting of late. Look at us all getting back to the way things writing? You talking? I like it. The convo is much better when it's not me doing all the talking. Need a topic? Give a good answer to one of Piglet's questions that I can use next time. Thanks!


Meredith said...

Wow--that sounds like quite a day!  I had just one afternoon of questions last week with my elementary school astronomy club and I can only imagine how draining that can be all day long.  Luckily, Piglet is darn cute; that must make up for a lot of the questions that are hard to answer.  :)

Laura B. said...

I was so like that when I was a kid.  My mom says I never shut up.  Always questions, questions, questions.  I'm expecting payback to be a b*tch.

mommyprof said...

We get that to. If it's any consolation, Spouse went to pick up Offspring's report card yesterday and was told, positively, by Mrs. 6th grade science, that she can tell we talk with Offpring about all kinds of things. So hang in there - the payoff will come in only 7 years, lol!

mommyprof said...

Too. Not literate before coffee. 

Pigs said...

Eh. ;)

Pigs said...

Gee, thanks!

AnnaMariaPellizzari said...

I really hate that I have to go through a lengthy login process in order to post a comment on your blog now.  I'd written out a nice one, then had to login, and it erased the whole thing.  BAHH!

Aims said...

Dude, what was the "something in 'there'"?