Monday, August 23, 2010

Train Wreck

Have I mentioned that Pigpen is a walking disaster? He's covered in cuts, bruises, dirt, crust....the works. Always! All the time! Everywhere we go. I mean, the kid can have a bath and come downstairs with a streak of dirt on his cheek or a chunk of whoknowswhat under his fingernail.

Today, for example, he had:
  1. A huge scratch on his nose. Have no idea where he got it, but it took place outside.
  2. A massive blister on the end of his middle finger. He touched a lightbulb two Saturdays ago.
  3. A long scratch on his arm. Dunno.
  4. Two different selections of skinned knees from wiping out at the pool both on the sidewalk and on the edge of said pool.
  5. Various mosquito bites all about his person.
  6. A split lip from Piglet tackling him yesterday.
  7. Lots of dirt in lots of places, including specks of black dirt in his very blonde hair.
I can't explain most of these things, but there's a good chance that CPS could be making an inquiry soon. Pigpen is having his adenoids removed and is getting tubes in his ears on Wednesday. I have my fingers crossed that he won't acquire any bizarre/excessive injuries during this procedure. I just can't figure out where this kid gets his propensity for unusual accidents.

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Katie Bonk said...

You should get him fitted for a mouth gaurd asap. You know, what with your background in tooth-related injuries.