Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, Pigpen had his adenoids removed and tubes put in this morning and it was surprisingly simple and went really well! I left at 6:30am to have him there by 7:30am for his 9:30am surgery. He was super excited about the dump truck, the crane, the school bus, and the basketball hoop. These things were the only things he was able to discuss after the surgery.

They put him in this adorable wittle gown and me in this not-so-adorable head piece/hair net. I carried him into the OR, he breathed yummy gas and ZAPPO, he was out. I was shooed to the recovery room and 15 minutes later, they brought him to me, all passed out and drooly. And sans adenoids, I assume. He didn't puke on me or wake up screaming as I was warned he might do, he simply opened his eyes, demanded a waffle and passed back out for another 15 minutes. Then we went home. Voila! Surgery.

My only concern is that I can't decide what to do about the stupid ear plugs that the ENT seems to think are life or death. Everybody I ask says don't bother, unless it's a lake, but this guy says he should even wear them in the bathtub! Sigh. I get the part about if they are diving because of the pressure, but here's the thing. My kids are like fish.

We are at the pool almost every day. Piglet swims completely independently at age 3 and Pigpen is solo with a pair of water wings at age 2. They go on the slide, jump in the water, you name it....there's no fear. So, Pigpen DOES put his head in the water, but his water wings that are bigger than his head keep him afloat. So, when he plunges down the waterslide headfirst, he's always under for a second or two before he pops up. So, what to do? What to do? I gotta decide fast because that turkey is probably going to want to go to the pool tomorrow.

Now accepting thoughts and advice on the topic.

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Aims said...

I don't have any first hand experience with this, but I would probably go ahead and use the plugs. A beating? Perhaps. But the last thing you want is an ear infection to undo all that you've just done! But you know me, a stinkin' rule follower to the extreme!