Monday, April 12, 2010

Joke's on me!

Hello, friends. Do you think it's a coincidence that I didn't make it past Tuesday in blogging my Spring Break? It wasn't. I think that was the day that did me in. There was another playdate after that and.....I honestly can't remember what else. A bunch of survival.

On Saturday we went to Clemson's spring football game, which produced scads of cuteness from the kids. My favorite is this one:


Nothing particularly monumental occurred at the game, but it was nice to see friends and hang out. As it was a scrimmage, Clemson won. This makes for a happy ride home without Mr. Pigs snarking at the radio.

I come to you from the porch, tired and weary. Pigpen is on the verge of turning two. Okay, so not until June, but he's clearly extremely advanced and acting like a turd already. Just today, he has even pressed the nerves of Piglet, who has taken a break from acting like the 3 year old turd that he is. All we did today was the following:

Go to Post Office
Swimming Lessons

That was it. Yet, somehow, in the course of the day he managed to do each of these things many, many times.

Get the dishbrush out of the sink and wet scrub the recliner.
Climb up the outside of the stairs which go to the ceiling.
Open all doors, as is new skill.
Flush all toilets behind said doors. Repeatedly.
Climb up into booster chair and onto kitchen table. Bat at chandelier.
Pull all items out of all cabinets all day.
Climb into bathtub, turn on water.
Throw cups on floor.
Each time get out of car, race down front yard because neighbor has celebratory balloons on mailbox.
Turn on all lightswitches and fans.
Press many buttons on remote to order pay per view movies.
Paint walls with blush brush.
Spit milk when in mouth.
Arch back when buckles are attempted or diaper appears.

Tomorrow, April 13, is the first day of school since April 1st. That was a reeeeally long April Fool's Day joke.

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