Tuesday, April 13, 2010


You might remember a couple of weeks ago when Piglet ruined picture day for his class. Well, today we returned to preschool and got the pictures back and they did not disappoint.

First, I'll show you the good one he did manage:


And then I'll show you the two outtakes. The outtakes were direct results of him not participating in picture day and being told, "Smile! We can't see your teeth!"



This kid is kind of rotten sometimes. But! He liked posing with his little bro, Pigpen. Pigpen is a ham and loves a camera. He says, "CHEZ!" everytime he sees one pointed his way. I'm a bit concerned about his hair, though. Mr. Pigs told me that his hair looks kind of like a 45 year old banker's. Hmm.

The cuteness.

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