Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Up to the knuckle

Ahhh. I again come to you from the porch. The warmy warm summer night-feeling porch. I put in some good time before I treated myself to this little escape. After putting the boys to bed, I swept and mopped the kitchen, cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the half bath that Piglet sullies daily [again], and made two lunches for two little people. That kind of worked up a hungry. I'm going to have to have some ice cream or something next.

I'm so, so, so sick of pollen. I'm tired of cleaning it off the porch, I'm tired of it giving Piglet asthmatic fits, I'm tired of it sticking to every part of my car anytime I drive somewhere. Today? I changed my contacts for, oh....the third time this week because they are all foggy and I can't see anything out of them. I left them to dry in the sink and was kind of grossed out when I came back to find them all yellow and green. They are supposed to be blue tinted so you can find them when they are dropped. Ewwwwwww....the other day on the weather forecast the guy said that a high level of pollen was about 120. Ours was around 3000, give or take. Zwah?!

Okay, I swear I'm done talking about cleaning and the weather. Surely, I can do better than this. Ummm....okay, so Piglet started swim lessons this week. That's been fairly entertaining. He's the only boy in his class and his goal in a pool is not to swim, but to splash all the water out. I'm pretty sure that despite his decent swimming skillz, he's not a big hit with the ladies. Pigpen is not thrilled with the idea of sitting parked in his stroller watching other people swim. I'm trying to work up the courage to let him play in the baby pool during Piglet's lesson, but I'm not there yet.

Having a Pigpen in the house is exhausting. He has taken full advantage of his not-two-but-acts-like-it status. He's quite firm in all of his opinions. In the sand box, he's there to throw sand. He gets time out. He wails. I ask, "Are you going to throw sand?" He says, "Yes" and we go on and on in circles from there. He has grown tall enough and coordinated enough to reach all the door knobs in the house. I apparently have more doors in this house than my last house because I don't have enough of those cover thingers to keep him safe. When a door won't open for him, he cries and yells at it. If I read him a book that is not to his liking, he says, "No no no no no no no" until I change books. If I try to sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at bedtime, he says, "Wheels on bus! Wheels on bus!" a song which I do not find to be particularly sleep inducing. He puts yogurt in his hair, he spits milk, juice and water that he sips from his sippy cup so that it goes all over his shirt, and he hates having his diaper changed except when he gets to grab himself and say "wee wee!" with great pride. He likes to put things on Gus, sit on Piglet when he's watching TV, and take things out of the freezer so that he can put them on the floor, point and say "Hot!", a concept which is still in the making for him. He loves to dump things out and put things in, but not so much when it comes to cleaning up, with the exception of when Piglet is cleaning up, then he wants to help. When we go in the garage, he's learned that it echoes, so he screams plucky little shrieks and laughs in delight until I get him strapped in and shut the door. He will only go down the stairs on his feet, though it takes him a month and a half to make it to the bottom, but if you dare to carry him, he'll thrash until you're in danger of dropping him and scream bloody murder. He likes to throw things from the upstairs to the downstairs, sometimes missing Gus, sometimes not. He shakes glass shower doors, plays in toilets, and throws dirt out of plants. He smashes food he doesn't care for with his fingers and then says, "Yuck". He only eats fruit, crackers, and yogurt with any regularity, so "Yuck" is a common word in our house. I think I covered his climbing abilities earlier this week, so I will end with the fact that when he identifies his own nose, he always sticks his finger into it up to the knuckle.

So, if you're wondering why I'm braindead and can only talk about the weather and cleaning, now maybe you know why. I forgot to mention that Piglet stole a small bull figurine from his classroom barn set today by way of slipping it into his pocket, so I had to have the whole stealing talk after swim lessons and now I get to email his teacher to alert her of the return of her bull to make sure he follows through. On that note, I will rest.

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