Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Break Day 2

7am wake time
Find out cell is dead.
Find out satellite is dead.
Realize is Tuesday.
Phone with AT&T.
Try not to beat children.
Phone with Dish Network.
Dash to CVS. 3 Pantene conditioners + 2 Reese's + 1 contact solution = $3.41. Got $12 Extra Bucks back.
Piglet yells, "CAVITIES!" at poor teenage cashier with braces.
Explain social graces.
Dry cleaners.
Quiet time.
Sort coupon mess, make chicken salad, fold clothes.
Dish repairman arrives. Fixes dish. Elmo is back.
Pigpen wakes up early.
Bring both boys down.
Hastily make sweet potatoes before playdate.
Playdate. Both boys soaked and filthy.
Herd to shower.
Make dinner. Eat.
Race to AT&T store. Buy new charger. Have phone. Whew.
Back to CVS. Box of 64 Pampers + 2 Pedialytes = $8.31. Got $10 Extra Bucks back.
Home. Blog. Bed.

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