Thursday, April 01, 2010


Follow up on the underwear because I'm sure that some people have some rather urgent wonderings. Today, I test drove the Hanes Low Rise Bikinis. I bought a small because the package labeled it as a 4/6. I generally wear a 2/4 in pants, so thought that would do it on coverage. Alas. The underwear and bathing suit industries' definition of coverage is clearly not as complete as my own. I just need to buy a medium every time. They are about an inch too, um....inward on the rear seat. They are soft and comfy, however, so at $6 a pack, I'm willing to give them another go in the medium.

In reaction to the reader comments, I also purchased one (1) pair of Gap Low Rise hipsters today. I wanted bikinis, but they only had hipsters in my size on sale ($3.99). I figure if I like the hipsters, I'll go back and seek the bikinis. They are in the wash. You may wait with bated breath for the results.

In other news, it is 10:12pm and Piglet is still awake. He has constructed two very different, very specific Lego structures in the last two hours that he has detailed for me each and every pipe, tunnel, bridge, and support beam. He "accidentally" napped today and I have no idea why. The kids never naps unless he's sick, which I don't think he is. He did have a rather rigorous pajama day at school. To combat the nap, I took both Piglet and Pigpen outside today in the 82 degree sunshine and set up the water table, which they promptly transformed into a mud pit. They proceeded to fling mud and water at one another for a good hour or so while I chatted on the phone and chased huge bumblebees away. We took off everyone's clothes on the deck and air-dried a bit before coming inside to eat macaroni and cheese. It was a very white trash kind of afternoon.

Today was the last day of preschool until a very long time from now. Spring Break is upon us. I used to loooooove spring break when I was a teacher, but now I see the other side. The other side wouldn't be that bad if other people were around, but it turns out that other people have lives and go places for spring break. Me? I'll be here. Home. Trying to talk my new babysitter that I picked up playing tennis last week into coming over to meet the boys and maybe let me go to the grocery store. Squeee!

That's about all I've got tonight. I'm out on the porch and it's getting too cold for me. Time to wrap it up. Be sure to report any panty testing. Ta!

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