Sunday, April 04, 2010

Just call me Hipster.

Wow, what a great weekend! This weather is unreal. After such a nasty winter, it's so easy to appreciate an unseasonably warm spring. I've spent the last three or four days outside, outside, outside. We've had bug bites, skinned knees, sunburns.....ahhh, summer. I have spent several days attempting to soak up rays on the deck, only to be chased around mercilessly by a bumblebee the size of a bird. So many people claim that those big ones don't sting, but it's really hard to trust that when one is staring you down a foot from your face.

On the underwear front, I quite liked the Gap low-rise hipsters. They have a lovely feel, a soft fabric, but again....need a medium. Will be sure to try them in appropriate size next time I am near a Gap. I must say that they are definitely the closest thing to ye olde Victoria's Secret low-rise panties of yore.

So, it's Spring Break this week, something I used to look forward to with great excitement when I was a teacher. Now? I'm just bracing myself to survive it. All of our good friends are out of town, there's no school, no swimming lessons, no tennis for me, Mr. Pigs working late, no playgroups.....gah! I've started a list of things we can do to amuse ourselves. The weather is on our side, at least. It's going to remain in the 80s for a few more days and be sunny.

The highlights of tomorrow include making granola bars, a trip to Lowe's, and cleaning out my closet for the Goodwill pickup on Tuesday.

If anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the backyard between the water table and the bubbles with my feet propped on the sandbox, a box of Bandaids in my hand.

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