Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Spell it out for me.

Someone mentioned on my Facebook page recently that poop seems to follow me around. If you've been reading for long, I'm sure you are already aware of the truth in this statement. I bet if you searched for "poop" on my blog you would have enough reading to keep you busy for a whole day. I remember Kinderdoo, and the Phantom Pooper, and The Fecal Bandit. I know there have been innumerable baby poop posts and dog events. Anytime I think that I've had a break from poop, there it is again.

Yesterday, I ran upstairs quickly to grab some clothes or something for Piglet and was more than startled to see a pile of poop laying blantantly in Piglet's doorway. Right there. Smack in the middle of the doorway, a collection of Gus turds. This is odd for several reasons. First, Gus rarely goes upstairs, and second, Gus hasn't pooped in the house in, oh....three years? He just doesn't do that.

So that left me wondering all day what Gus was thinking. I've always believed that Gus yearns to talk. Before I had children, I used to talk to him, thinking that he could understand me and would surely talk back one day....I could tell by the look in his big brown eyes. I could! I think he misses the days when I would listen to him and is attempting communication via....well, feces.

What do you think? Is it jealousy? Annoyance? A sign of acceptance? I'm really dying to know, but Gus isn't talking. It was clearly very specifically placed in Piglet's doorway. Extremely strategic. Curious.

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