Friday, October 02, 2009

Tour de Carolina

Spending quality time in the car with two little people makes you desperately search out the window for something to laugh about. Lucky for us, driving through rural SC and NC kept us entertained for a while.

Being superfans of Christmas Vacation, we were of course excited to spot Griswold's Family Produce. Thought I craned my neck, I was unable to spot Cousin Eddie lurking about.


Some construction outside of Charlotte sparked a fascinating conversation about the meaning of this sign. What was Bobbie's deal? Was he so confused by the construction that the DOT had to create a special sign for him to find his way home?

In case he can't find his way through the construction...

No tour is complete without a homemade waterslide, right? We did a double take on this monstrosity. An up close view is really worth it.

Homemade Water Slide

My personal favorite was spotted by Mr. Pigs while he was driving, something I found to be quite impressive. Eagle Eyes spotted what appears to be a desk and computer perched atop a mobile home of sorts. Your thoughts?

Check the Roof....look closely

When we arrived at our beach rental, we were intrigued by their "Let's Hang Anything Nautical" style. Starting with the handmade Shells N' Glue craft in the bathroom -


The wall paper was so busy in the kitchen that this fish switchplate actually blended right in:

Hard to find this light switch

And this? I'm just really not sure. I'll leave it to you to create a comment.


Finally, I've always believed that every bathroom needs a statement piece. You know, one that really gives you something to think about while you take care of business. I think these folks must have felt the same way, as this beaut was hanging over the toilet.

This was in the bathroom. Ideas?

Anyone care to interpret?

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