Thursday, October 01, 2009

A picture tour...

I'm going to throw some pictures out here and give a summary of my last couple of weeks. Following, will be a Tour de Carolinas in which I will show some special things you don't want to miss if you're driving through the great states.

We start at the beach. As a rule, I can't stand Myrtle Beach, but it turns out that in September? When all the people are gone? It's really quite nice! We had weather in the mid-80s and the resort had a great kids' waterpark on site. We begin here on the beach with Piglet's Very Serious Construction Project:


Pigpen was a little apprehensive about the sand on his feet at first and quite perferred to stay in his chair and check out the scenery. It wasn't long before he was neck deep in messy sand and water with Piglet.


The next day, we tried the water park. Below is Piglet cruising down the slide one of his 834 times with his Pop B. This park had a rule that you had to stay with kids under 4. Sigh. Guess how many times I rode the slide?

Pop B does the slides

Pigpen thinks every body of water is a giant bathtub put there for his enjoyment (read: splashing excessively) and engaged in lots of swimming and water play.

Pigpen gets clean

Of course, we can't let Piglet turn 3 without some form of cake:

More cake!

And again at his other grandparents' house:


Mommy simply HAD to hit the outlets on the way home, so Piglet found something to amuse himself. This is his classic "FINE. TAKE IT." pose.

Fine. Take my picure.

I'm sure you all haven't recovered from reading about Pigpen's incident at Wendy's in which he was stripped of his clothes and dignity right there in the parking lot? Well, this was him five minutes later as we drove the rest of the way home. Not a care in the world, this kid.

After the Wendy's incident

And finally, on the way back to Georgia....

Too much vacation Too much vacation!

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