Sunday, September 13, 2009


You know I love to complain and all, but I have to say - and yes, I realize this is a total jinx on what I'm about to say - that I feel lucky to have good sleepers. I have so many friends in real life and on the internet whose kids have frustrating sleeping issues. Some have to have a parent in the room to fall asleep, some go to their parents' bed at night, some wake up during the night for years. I'm awfully lucky in this department.

Piglet, though he is a terrible napper, having dropped it at age 2.5, is a good night sleeper as long as he hasn't accidentally had a nap. Since I now encouragea healthy quiet time and groan if he does doze off, bedtime at 7:30 is fantastic. He has two stories and goes to sleep. He doesn't budge until about 12 hours later when he wakes up perky and often with song.

Pigpen likes to sleep so much I'm worried about him. He still takes two naps a day at almost 15 months AND sleeps his 12 hours at night. The kid likes his sleep. Now, Pigpen likes a nice song before bed - Wheels on the Bus, the slow easy remix, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are the faves - and a kiss on the head and he's off to dreamland.

You realize, of course, that by stating these truths on the internet, both children will inevitably have some sleep meltdown. In fact, as I type this, wee Pigpen is rolling around in his crib as though he heard me typing.

Anyway, I just thought I'd say something nice. I'm trying to put some good karma out there since I am taking both boys to the dentist tomorrow. Alone. Yikes.

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