Monday, September 14, 2009

Reasons to switch Pediatric Dentists:

1. The clientele is shady. Piglet played with a four year old with a non-ironic mohawk, a mother with 80s mall hair (including the curl back and the curl under - you remember), and an unshaven, heavily mulleted, unclean, possibly intoxicated father with a large-breasted mermaid tattoed onto his calf, at least what showed beneath his jorts. The father bashed his own kid's teeth into the side of their climbing apparatus in an effort to play with him. At the dentist.

2. Piglet freaked out and ran from the exam room. I had to ditch Pigpen and tear through the office to catch him. Twice.

3. Piglet may or may not have bitten the hygenist. To her credit, she smiled winningly as though this was normal. This was after he spit flouride into her face. Fortunately, she was fast and it mostly went on her ear and my shirt.

4. I heard a rooster crow from the parking lot. This may not appear significant, but it really cast a dark cloud on the whole event.

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