Monday, September 21, 2009


Howdy doody! (Heh, heh....I said doody.) I come to you live from the beach. A September beach trip is nice, assuming there are no hurricanes. But, since we're talking about weather, Atlanta is about to float away! Something like ten days of rain. I was so tired of being house bound and wet and moldy that I figured a week at the beach, even if it rains, is at least different scenery. Well! Little did I know that as soon as I left, it was going to rain MORE! So much that there's apparently flooding so bad that the schools are closed.

School closing would usually annoy me, but since I was worried about Piglet missing three days of preschool, it made me feel a little better. You know, missing one less day and all. Do you care? Probably not, but what repercussions could it have if Piglet missed the third week of school and didn't properly learn the letter C?? Can you imagine? It could mess his school career up for life.

I digress. We arrived at the beach this afternoon and it was less than 2 minutes on the beach before Piglet was neck deep in a tide pool, fulling clothed, wallering about. A literal pig in mud. The walk home wasn't nearly as fun as the walk there.

Hmmmm....then we braved a restaurant. Like, the kind in public. Taking a 90% potty trained kid out in public is risky, but when Child A hasn't napped in many days and Child B who never misses a nap missed a nap, save six minutes, it's REALLY risky. Being that it's a Monday in September, we were some of the only people in the restaurant without white hair and not all of them were thrilled to see us enter the establishment.

I made a mad dash for the bathroom with Piglet in tow. I locked the door and quickly set about my business. "Hold your ears!" I commanded to prevent him from touching anything nasty. He held them for 2.5 seconds and reached for the flusher. "HOLD YOUR EARS!" I hissed nastily. He held and waited not-so-patiently for me to finish. He watched with interest as I flushed.

The door opened. "SOMEONE'S HERE!" Piglet announced. "Thanks," I smiled, pleased that I had zipped my pants before he unlocked the door. I pulled down his pants and plopped him on the toilet. "DON'T DROP ME!!!" he screamed. I shhed him and held on tight. "I'm peeeeeeeing!" he sang to whoever-it-was. "I want to flush! Let me flush!" he was elated at the whoosh and darted out to wash his hands.

Our bathroom companion was considerate enough to remain in their stall and not embarrass me until we left. Not to worry, though. As I carried Piglet through the restaurant, he waved at people like he was in a parade. "I WENT POTTY!" he grinned at the Ruby Tuesday patrons. I'm thinking they're not nearly as excited as he.

Mr. Pigs had a similar experience after the meal when I elected him the Potty Boss. I was thinking it would be easier once he was out of diapers, but WHEW! What a workout.

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