Thursday, September 10, 2009


Another conversation with Piglet, brought to you by I for Insanity:

Me: What did you do at school today?
P: My teacher gave me this! [waves Tootsie Roll enthusiastically]
Me: Uh huh....what did you do today?
P: [unwrapping candy] Played.
Me: With?
P: Toys. I got a Tootsie Roll! Need to throw away wrapper.
Me: Hold it until you get home. What else did you do?
P: Played with toys.
Me: I know that. What ELSE?
P: Ummmmm.....I got a Tootsie Roll?
Me: In four hours, you played with toys and got candy? That's it? Seriously?
P: I went potty. So Miss Donna gave me a Tootsie Roll. And I get a cookie.
Me: Did you sing? Make a craft? Learn a letter? [wave art paper around at him]
P: I made that! D is for apple!
Me: You mean A? This is the letter A.
P: Yeah. [chew, chew] I like Tootsie Rolls! I need to throw the wrapper in the trash.
Me: What color are these apples?
P: Blue. Hey! Can I put this in the trash can?
Me: Apples are red. Like fire trucks.
P: No, they're bluuuuuuuuuuue! [grins] P-I-G-L-E-T spells Piglet!
Me: You know how to spell your name, but you don't know apples are red?
P: I like Tootsie Rolls. Can I have my cookie? My underwear is dry.
Me: What else did you do at school today?
P: Played.
Me: Did you go on the playground?
P: Yeah. I did the little slide, but not the big slide. Did you see my Tootsie Roll?
Me: Did your teacher read you a story? Did you have music?
P: Pigpen, I have to put this in the trash when we get home.
Me: Hellooooo???
P: What? I played with boys and girls. At school.
Me: Sigh.

It's like he's Rainman. He gets distracted by the most menial thing and can't let it go. To find out what he did at school each day, I have to call his friend down the street. She will sing for me the songs that they learned, complete with gestures, and tell me about the books they read and the lessons they learned. If I believed him, I would think that his teachers just let him play with toys for four hours.

Oh, and on another note, have I mentioned that Gus is INSANE? That his dinnertime has somehow moved from 6pm all the way back to about 2:30? That during naptime, he suddenly starts to lose his mind and bark and twirl and scratch on the door in such a way that I have to feed him just to shut him up so that we can have naptime in peace? I think he's bashed his head into the doggie door one too many times.

This is also a problem. Pigpen has learned that he fits through the dog door and as weenie as he is, he probably will for some time. So I often have to close the dog door to keep Pigpen safe, as he is unable to navigate steps yet. Gus will nonchalantly walk with his face directly into the doggie door at least twice a day and be truly shocked to find it closed. Why one wouldn't gingerly nose it first to check after running into it the first time, I couldn't tell you. Gus has always been a mystery.

Sounds like naptime's over and Gus is ready to eat. Gotta go survive the next four hours until bedtime. I'm a single mom tonight, as Clemson is playing in Altanta. Good times.

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