Monday, September 07, 2009

Guess what tomorrow is?

Wow, that was a really fast weekend. Guess what I got to do? D'ya know? D'ya know? I got to go to a Clemson game without kids! That's right, campers....just me and the hubs. [Please know that I rank the word "hubs" right up there with "prego". I'm being foolish because I'm giddy from joy.]

It was kind of a lame team they played (Middle Tennessee). It was pretty hot for tailgating. The boiled peanuts didn't have enough salt on them. Oh, and it rained on us from the middle of the first quarter until we left at the end of the third. But IT WAS FANTASTIC. I just need a break every now and then, you know? It was absolutely delightful, I'd call it.

Everyone involved was happy. Mr. Pigs and I got a day off. The inlaws got the boys all to themselves. The boys got to do whatever they wanted. Win win win!

Have I mentioned that my laptop battery only lasts for about 20 minutes these days? Really inconvenient, must order a new one. But! Piglet starts back to preschool tomorrow Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fingers crossed that he loves his new teachers and class because when he's happy, I'm happy! This is my polite, yet firm, way to say good night. Sorry for the short post, but the battery has left me with little choice but to catch up with you tomorrow.

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