Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Get Yer Pictures!

Okay, so let's catch up. Here we have Piglet. Yes, this is the most accurate recent picture I have of him. I don't remember where his pants were or exactly why he's wearing a ski hat, but this is a pretty typical picture of Piglet.


Since we're featuring Piglet, we must of course catch up on Pigpen. You might notice that this picture is blurred. This is because Pigpen is in constant motion. In this particular picture, he is practicing taking steps and lunging at me because for him that is the whole reason to walk: to tackle me in a baby hug at the end. You may also note that he is wearing his "P-Dawg" shirt from his Aunt Eddie.


Here we have a request from the peanut gallery. This is the floor of my pantry. It's kind of embarrassing now that I'm looking at it. The rest of the reserves are in the basement. I am extremely well-stocked in salad dressing, barbeque sauce, and A-1, much of which will be donated. So, yes, I am still couponing in earnest.


And, our good 'ol buddy Gus. This is Gus exiting the new porch through his doggie door, which he thought was insultingly undignified for a dog of his stature. He still chooses to use the people door any time it's open long enough for him to scamper through, but has stooped to mastering the doggie door.

Gus and the Doggie Door new lair. My new porch! Looking to the right, we feature the dining area. We have had a couple of dinners out there so far and they are quite delightful.

Porch 1

Looking to the left, we are featuring a sitting and chatting area with a climby toy behind it. And a dog door, let us not forget the dog door. I had to partially deconstruct the slide, as Pigpen seems to have a strong desire to dive off of it headfirst.

Porch 2

I guess this ends our photo tour. I would be glad to accept more photo requests, as this gives me something constructive to write about when my brain lapses!

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