Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's in YOUR mouth?

I always kind of wondered what people meant by the Terrible Twos. I figured tantrums. When Piglet was born, I knew he would never have those problems! He was such a good natured kid...laid back and easy going. Surely he would never have such issues! Chuckle.

I look at wee Pigpen and try to imagine him being a two year old and I just can't do it. He's just so dirty and sweet and loveable and cuddly and sticky. I'm sure some day he'll be just as cantankerous, but good grief. Hard to think it. But I know it's coming! I just hope Piglet outgrows first.

In case you have not personally experienced the joy of a two year old, I'll share a conversation I had with Piglet yesterday during his quiet time as I tried to ascertain weather he had ingested anything of danger. It was a delight for all involved.

Me: What's in your mouth?
P: I ate something.
Me: What did you eat?
P: What did YOU eat?
Me: Answer me. What did you put in your mouth?
P: What?
Me: Did you find something on the floor?
P: Froggy is on the floor!
Me: What did you put in your mouth?
P: In my mouth.
Me: Yes. What's in there?
P: What?
Me: Open your mouth, let me see.
P: Open your mouth!
Me: Did you swallow something?
P: Froggy eats flies.
P: A stick off the floor. It was small. I'm okay.

There were probably about 9 more rounds of What's and What's in YOUR mouths that I won't make you read, but that's the gist. He ate a stick off the floor.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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