Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blister in the Sun

Poor little Pigpen has to wear socks in a Georgia August. He can't keep bandaids on his wee toes and he scraped them up crawling around at our friend's pool the other day. Boo, hiss!

Not much planned for today. Uncle Daniel and Aunt Katie are in town, which excites Piglet to no end. This morning he greeting daddy at his door with, "I made you a present!" then he said that he wanted to tell Aunt Katie about the present that be pooped out and was on his bottom. There is a slight chance that this might be my kid afterall.

Gus has a new hobby around here. Though he is essentially lipless (I checked to be sure), he has developed the ability to extract liquid from sippy cups. Of course, he completely mangles them in the process, but it's his focus in life right now. We are down two sippy cup lids. Maybe it's time for Piglet to go to a regular cup


Imagine and four hour pause. While running a couple of errands this morning, my upper back decided to seize up. Sigh. Have I mentioned my chronic sinus infection that I have battled this summer? When I was in NC a couple weeks ago, my allergies apparently kicked up and I got a spontaneous sinus infection, complete with fever. A week later, I went to the doctor and came home with an antibiotic, a steroid, and a new inhaler. Four days later, I'm still coughing and snorting green stuff. (TMI, sorry.)

Then, THEN! The back thing kicked in. I know it's from coughing and snorting. I'm afraid to move too much lest it cause Great Pain. I can't stand back pain, it's so debilitating to everything I do.

So, I'm going to just go wallow in that about now. Argh.

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