Thursday, August 27, 2009

M-M-M-My Poker Face

Still no pictures. I'm lame, I know....go ahead and say it. I swear I will get around to it this weekend. Though my sister and brother in law will be in town, so maybe I shouldn't guarantee that. Hmm. Anyhoo...

Today started with a bang as Pigpen decided it was an early day and woke up at 7. Since Piglet was on a sleep in, I went ahead and hopped in the shower with Pigpen's face and nose pressed to the glass whining at me. Not at all relaxing, but we had a pool date at 10 and you know I simply must shave pre-pool, it's just a hang up I have.

Two poopy diapers later, we dined on a fine meal of waffles and peaches (Okay, I had coffee and a Toaster Strudel, sue me) and got ready to go. Taking two non-swimming kids to the pool is such an ordeal. A hassle. A chore! Goes something like this:

1. Tell Piglet to take off his clothes, but NOT his underwear!
2. Wrestle Pigpen out of his clothes down to diaper.
3. Tell Piglet to put his underwear back on.
4. Spray Pigpen down with sunscreen, not missing baldish head.
5. Order Piglet off of outside of stairs and spray him down. He proclaims the spray to be hot.
6. Pull Pigpen off of chair he is standing on to open and close shutters.
7. Hand Piglet swim diaper, trunks, and t-shirt, tell him to dress himself.
8. Wrestle Pigpen into same.
9. Turn to find Piglet with trunks on, rolled at waist, shirt on backwards, and crocs on wrong feet.
10. Call it good and head for car.

Prior to all of this, I had of course packed a bag with diapers, Pull Ups, wipes, towels, snack, sippy cups, bandaids, phone, Piglet's hat and sunscreen. I also had prepared Pigpen's float, Piglet's vest and swimmies, bag of pool toys, stroller, and a random pool noodle. Me, the boys, and all that stuff piled into the car to drive to our friend's pool. I prayed no one would pee, as swim diapers have no absorbent qualities, hence their abilities not to blow up in the pool.

The actual pool date is kind of a non-issue because after all that, it's not so bad. Except for Pigpen skinning his toes crawling on the concrete. Or Piglet pitching a holy fit because their water slide was closed and ours is always open. Or the utter fascination all the kids held when the pool fixer man climbed a ladder to repair the spraying palm tree which was broken. That was really the best part for them, I think.

Whew. Then I had the rest of the day and a home late husband to boot. Two babies, two dinners, two baths, two bedtimes. Hence, my need to sign off. But, aren't you proud I stopped to blog?

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