Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boom Boom Ackalackalacka Boom!

I need to get cracking on some of those pictures. Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe that will be my project this afternoon while I amuse the youth. Said youth are having naptime right now.

Well, Pigpen has crashed. We skipped his morning nap in lieu of the pool this morning, so he is one worn out little piggie. I think he was asleep before I even put him down. Here's to hoping he didn't get overtired and wake up early. Piglet, of course, is not napping. He is, however, playing with his Lightning McQueen tractor tipping race car set that the Potty Fairy brought him for doing a great job at peeing in the potty. Thus far, he has requested one trip to the potty, two Kleenexes, water, and for me to remove some random object from his drawer.

It's amazing to me how the pool can make me so tired and not the Piglet. I mean, this kid was in the big pool by himself for about an hour while the rest of us (with normal children) played in the baby pool. Piglet swam all over the big pool - no one else was there - climbed up and went down the water slide maybe 10 times, and generally ran amuck for an hour and a half in the sun. Wouldn't you think he'd nap? Alas. He's working on cars right now. Soon, I'm going to let him out to watch Curious George just so he doesn't wake up Pigpen.

Pigpen, speaking of his name, currently has rather Pigpen-esque hair. Since he has fine, thin bird hair, I have to spray sunscreen on his head, which makes a big unfortunate mess. He also had a thick layer of 50+ on his fivehead which gave him sticky-up bangs, then he managed to get honey from his toast and some pear in the mix during lunch. Needless to say, that one will get a good head washing before we head to Target this afternoon.

Ah, the Target trip. When do you not need something at Target? Um, never? I'm in search of some Scotchguard today. We put together some new chairs on the porch and they came with white cushions. Are you kidding me? WHITE?! Please. That will last about a minute in this house. Pshaw, I say.

Oh! I have blog news. If you've read long enough, say....four years or so, you'll of course remember when the sink fell on my toe in the Mexican restaurant. Well! You'd think that would have all ended a long time ago, but out of the blue this past spring, the lawyer - who I think is pretty shady, think "The Texas Hammer" ambulance chaser type ads for you Dallas-ites- contacted me and said the case was going forward and the other side wanted me to come for a deposition. So I made plans to head up to Richmond and as soon as I got in the state, I guess the other side didn't think I could come because they thought I was still in Texas? - they decided to settle. So, allegedly (I'll believe it when I see it) I'm getting $4000 from the owners and $1000 from the inept plumber. I'm pretty sure the lawyer will take half and I'll get taxed on the other half and I'll wind up with about $200 and a real good feeling in my heart, but whatever. I think it's kind of stupid and frivolous anyway. But, interesting ending, no?

That's about all I've got today. I have some critical things requiring my attention, like two potties to clean and some dog heartworm medicine to administer. Party on, man.

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