Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

I would like to point out that there are still no picture post suggestions. Just putting that out there.

I come to you live from my screened porch. It's my new happy place. Well, aside from the fact that I am allergic to Georgia and this is probably going to induce an allergy attack, it's really quite lovely to sit out here blogging away while Pigpen naps and Piglet digs happily in his sandbox.

It would be a nicer place if we could actually find the time to get the furniture assembled and maybe find a plant or two. Ooh! This might call for a trip to Hobby Lobby! Except that they have freakishly small carts and I'm not sure that Piglet could fit into the back of one. Hmm. Quandries abound.

Whoever invented the idea for an outdoor ceiling fan was a clever soul. And screens. That was a smart person too. See? Thoughts just float about in my brain, as they were moments ago when I was dusting and it's nice to have a place to put them. I really must get back into this. They might not be deep thoughts, but it's nice to get them out.

Piglet returns to preschool in about two weeks. He'll be going three days this year! It's so quiet in the neighborhood with all of the big kids back to school and just us preschoolers home. It's nice to have the pool all to ourselves! That's on tomorrow's agenda. Today, we grocery shop. Party on, I know. I lead a glamourous life. I look back on my old blog posts and feel the school stress oozing out of them.

I miss teaching. Our neighborhood school had their Open House a few weeks ago and I was struck with longing. I craved the smell of new school supplies and a crisp new bulletin board and desk tags. Oh....the desk tags. Little containers to hold papers, a wipe off calendar and the reading corner! Full of books and bean bags and lice! I miss school.

So, I called my old teaching buddy Aimee when this happened, and she quickly set me straight. She said to remember the parents and the administration and the meetings and the report cards and paper work. I shook of my sentimentality pronto and got my head on straight. It was a close call, but she helped me to focus.

I do hope to go back to teaching in some capacity when the boys are in elementary school though. It's a good time, teaching. And it makes for good blog fodder. Probably better than what I provide now.

It does seem that no matter what I'm doing, the central theme for this blog is poop. No matter where I go, poop seems to find me. Sigh. Well, I think it's time to squeeze in another chore before Pigpen wakes up. Maybe potties! Or sweeping! Ooh la la....

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