Sunday, June 07, 2009

Rambly Bambly

Snort. Cough. Wheeze. The good news is that I got over the mystery illness that Pigpen gave me. The bad news is that I now have the cold that Piglet gave me. Which brings me to my heads up: I'm writing this after a dose of Nyquil while watching the Hills. I can almost count my brain cells ticking away one by one.

I'm super-duper-squeeeeeeeeeee!-excited about the possibility of getting a screened porch. The mosquitoes 'round these parts are about to pick Piglet and me up and carry us away. The poor kids gets mosquito bites like I do - they swell into massive welts and stay that way for days. He was awake last night from 11pm until 2am scritching scratching wiggling and miserable. I hope that tonight will be better as he only slept in about half an hour and he didn't nap. Shocking! I know.

In case anyone was wanting follow up on the nap experiment, it ended before it started. Clearly, he's done, done, done napping. He hasn't taken a nap in about three weeks. The upside is that he's conking out promptly at bedtime.

Let's get back to that imaginary screened porch. We've talked to four contractors. One...the Neanderthal that installed my oven and microwave. He never actually returned an estimate. I have this fear that he might just show up one day with a truck full of lumber and assume he got the job.

*Pause - I'm so distracted by The Hills. Lo's ears really stick out. She should wear her hair down. And Kristen should probably wear a bra with that dress. That is all.*

Okay, back to the porch. So then there's the guy who did our basement last summer. He did a really good job, but you kind of have to ride him to get him to work and communicate and I don't know that I want this to drag on until fall, when I clearly want it yesterday. Then there's Artie, a referral from a friend here, he did her basement. He's a classic New Yorker to the core, which in terms of speed and efficiency could work in my favor. He has a touch of potty mouth that we will have to curb around the young uns, but we can do that. And the fourth guy was just crazy expensive, so he's out. AND he was way late with his proposal. He told us to take $150 off for his being a bonehead. Wow. Really? A whole $150 off of your insanely high proposal? Pass.

This is probaby painfully boring for you the reader, so I will stop. My parents are coming tomorrow for my dad's monthly meeting in the area that he just so happened to drum up after we moved here. Coincidence? Not really. Anyhoo....they're coming tomorrow and I'm driving back with them on Wednesday with the boys. Why? Because I'm giving a baby shower for my best friend from high school on Saturday and we're having our family over for Pigpen's first birthday on Sunday.

Can you believe he's turning one?? I took him yesterday to get his first haircut. Not that he has any hair. If it wasn't for the mullet, it probably could have waited a year or so. But, we trimmed that mullet right off and put it in the baby book. Check. Now there's less of him to get dirty.

That's all I got. I wanted to squeeze in a post because I'm not sure when I'll get to post next. Tomorrow night I'm invited to a Wine and Wax party. Really? Waxing? In public? I'm going for the wine and maybe to spectate. Alright, I'm pretty sure the Nyquil is starting to take over my thinking, so it's best that I go. There's a chance it may have given me some verbal diarrhea as this seems to be a rather lengthy post. Ah, well. Talk soon!

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