Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Argh. I'd like to take a moment to point out that it's Tuesday. Everyone pause for a moment to recognize Tuesday in all of its ugly ways. Somehow the Tuesday after a holiday on Monday seems even more offensive. How do I know it's Tuesday? Well, let's see....

Pigpen developed an Instant Fever at presisely 5:36pm yesterday and has been a wreck ever since. His fever was 103.3 during the night while he had Motrin in him. Of course it was a holiday and everything was closed, so I called to get an appointment first thing this morning and their first one was at 11:45. ELEVEN FORTY FIVE? Are you kidding me? How is that possible when I called before they were even open? Sigh. So here we are....waiting.

Today was Piglet's first day of his school's summer camp program. I took him in and he's in the same classroom, but has a different teacher who seemed surprised to find herself alone with a bunch of two year olds. Piglet burst into tears at the chaos and made my day even rosier. I left my friend with him to make sure he quieted and took off. She reported that he settled when I left, as is always the case with kids. I think it weirded him out that I was hanging around making sure the teacher had her wits about her and it made him nervous. I'm hoping an assistant rolled in to help her after I left.

So, here I sit with Pigpen stuffing Cheerios into his mouth wondering when he will nap after his weird night last night, and if I will get to take a shower. Ah, to bathe....such a luxury. Fingers crossed for no calls from the school.

That's really all the news I have to report except that CVS actually had to give me a gift card for $9 yesterday instead of me paying anything when I departed with two bags of goods. That was pretty fun.

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