Thursday, May 28, 2009


Howdy doody.

Pigpen is feeling better, his fever down at last, though he is still Mr. Snarksalot as his tooth is finishing up coming in. Piglet has had three days of school/camp this week, which has at least given me mornings with Pigpen.

We went to the library today. I know my life is glamourous. Our books were due and Piglet was SUPER EXCITED to put them in the book drop one at at time. (all 13.) We went in search of new books. At the end of his quiet time (In other updates, the nap is done and over. He's taken one in the last week and a half, but he's done really well going to bed around 8) I asked him if he wanted story books or learning books. The little smartie said learning books. I asked what he'd like to learn about and he promptly said, "The ABCDEFG's." Well, of course. What else would you like to learn about, I asked? "Girls!" he said.

Girls. He's two and a half and already completely mystified. Maybe I can find a book for him to read with daddy so they can learn together. We were unable to find a book about girls, but he did latch onto a copy of "Shades of Black", a book describing in detail the different pigments that exist within the black community and how they are each special. It's a board book and he's digging it. Who knew?

That's about all I'm good for today. The pool is open and I'm dying to go, but I have yet to figure out how to safely take a 2.5 year old rebel and an 11 month old scaredy cat, both complete non-swimmers, to the pool and come back with all of us. Any suggestions about gear or techniques would be much appreciated. There is a baby pool, but Piglet's been known to run for the big waters. And there's a water slide that's going to cause some major temptation.

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