Sunday, May 31, 2009

If you read this, you'll learn something new.

Hello, friends.

It seems that I contracted Pigpen's illness. I had suspected by his lack of crawling, lack of self-feeding, and crying each time I picked him up or moved him that he had some muscle soreness. Now I am sure that he had a whole mess of muscle soreness.

This is the strangest virus I have ever had. Sore throat, every muscle in my body hurting, but no fever. It hurts to touch my arms. My legs kill me to go up and down stairs. My abs hurt. My tongue hurts! Most bizarre thing I've ever had. As long as I take 4 Advil every 4 hours I can function in a fairly normal manner.

In other Hmmm. I can't think of any other news. Piglet and his daddy got to go to the pool twice this weekend, wearing both of them out properly. I volunteered myself to join the clubhouse committee for my neighborhood, thinking it would be a good way to meet people. Turns out part of the job is to help clean the bathrooms by the pool. EWWWWWWWWWWW. There are other duties that I will like, but pool potty clean up? Ugh. The things I do to meet people.

Tomorrow I get to go to the fire station. Yippee! Boys are such interesting creatures, aren't they? I'm going to be bored to tears at the fire station just to keep Piglet entertained. I'm skipping my morning shower just for that. But? I get to go out for sushi tomorrow night. Woo hoo! I've been craving some of the rolls from this place since the last time we went. And I have a $25 off $50 coupon, so how can I go wrong??

Also, I've gotten hooked on Cosby Show reruns on TV Land. It was prompted by the presence of the cast on the Today Show a couple weeks ago. Now I'm sucked happily back into the 80s and enjoying what a great show that was.

I know this has been riveting, but unless you want me to describe the diaper rash that can result from eating two bowls of Frosted Mini Wheats, it's best that I sign off for now. (Factoid: did you know that one mini wheat is called a biscuit?)

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