Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fancy Feast?

Is it Sunday night already? For real? It's a darned good thing there's another day added to this rainout of a cold weekend. I've heard a rumor that our pool is open, but there's no way I'm getting near it as cold as this month has been. Piglet will be all over that and guess who has to get in the water now and can't just lie in a chair like a beached whale? That would be me.

I bought him a Do Not Sink vest today since I'm going to have two nonswimmers alone at the pool this summer. I KNOW the day will come when Piglet flings himself into the deep pool and expects to bob lightly at the surface. Best to be prepared.

I fell off of my own blogging wagon a bit this weekend. You know why? I actually HAD PLANS on Thursday night. To go OUT. In a real restaurant with people my own age. No crayons or anything! You're jealous, I can feel it. I'm trying to get to know people in my neighborhood, right? So I was pretty happy I even got invited to this shindig and looked forward to meeting some new people.

You must know by this point that I had to do something to screw it up. We went to a Mexican restaurant where I ordered the fish tacos, a favorite dish of mine. The eight women from my neighborhood sat and chatted and drank margaritas. It was good fun until my food arrived.

It started at my end of the table and one by one every person at the table covered their noses and tried not to gag. My dinner REEKED. We're talking Fancy Feast heated up and served with rice. REEKED. It was so foul that I fogged the whole table and we couldn't rid the air of the stench even after begging the manager to take it away.

So I guess that makes me the new girl who ordered the cat food platter. I'm sure people will be jumping over themselves to invite me to the next dinner. Maybe I can order a big basket of manure.

Rest of the weekend has been a blur of chores and duties, but today I did get to the grocery store in time for a significant removal of goods:

The Goods.

My original total was $114.19, but I only paid $5.30. It was a good day at the supermarket.

Grand Total

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