Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Let's just see who's still out there.

Okay, well see....I'd kind of quit, I thought. Then I get two random comments to start back. People are kind of falling off the blogs lately and so I thought this route was done. A couple of diehards I read every day, like good 'ol Quarter Life Crisis and the faithful Queen of Rambles. I used to write as much as they did, but then I had two kids in 20 months and it all kind of fell apart. Maybe I'll give it a whirl again if anyone out there is still participating. (Which means that if you are reading, you kind of need to tell me that you're there. I'm not doing this for my health.) Then again, maybe I am. I could use the outlet.

What's been going on? Same 'ol same 'ol. Piglet is still the most obnoxious napper known to mankind and I would actually be thrilled if he would be ready to drop the nap entirely, but evidence to the contrary is all that exists. Today, for example. He missed school last week because he was sick and fell back into a lovely pattern of napping like a proper human being again. But then today....school again, so he got all overstimulated and just fell apart. No nap. Just a lot of hollering, climbing on dressers and bookcases and throwing all of his books off the shelves. He somehow learned to scale the non-climbable vertical jail bar gate of his time out room by grabbing onto the bars with his toes like a monkey and shimmying up and over. So much for having time out in my corner.

As a result of no nap, it's now going on 9pm and he's still awake. His normal bedtime on nap days is between 7:30 and 8. What's he doing, you might ask? Well, the first time he screamed and hollered so loud he nearly woke up Pigpen, I went up there to find him completely nude and screaming out the window. Naked as a jaybird. The second time, Mr. Pigs went up there and he was standing atop his dresser, having scaled the drawers to get there. The kid is a complete hazard to himself.

So here I am completely exhausted from running up and down the stairs more than 20 times today. I'm here to tell you though - my thighs and backyard are hard as rocks. Who needs a gym when you have a non-sleeper?

I wonder how much of this blog is focused on sleep. Or a lack thereof. Bygones. I need sleep and I'm a little fuzzy minded right now.

I'm going to leave it at that with a post for those of you remaining. Perhaps in your (many many) comments to assure me that you are still there you could give me some ideas of things you'd like to hear about. Preferably things that don't involve non-sleeping children, cleaning, or groceries. 'Cause that's pretty much all I have on the brain these days.

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