Thursday, April 02, 2009

PInot Grigio

Why is it that I am incapable of thinking of anything to write about at night, despite the fact that ALL DAY LONG I think, "Hmm....that would be blogworthy!" Why? Because my brain is fried. I was a single mom today, something that we usually try to arrange to fall on a school day, but today notsomuch. Today there was no school.

Today it rained and thundered and rained some more pretty much all day. I don't know why I bothered to take a shower this morning because I haven't gone farther than the end of my driveway all day. Trash cans! Mail! Oh boy!

So really. I feel like I should have something to write about. Piglet is cutting his last molar....amen! Instead of not napping like he did (not) yesterday, today he had the cleverness to tell me that his mouth hurt. Genius! Advil and teething tablets for you and good night, sir.

Pigpen secretly wants to crawl. I know this because despite the fact that he screams bloody murder anytime he's on his belly around us, this morning at precisely 6:06am he woke up and decided this was Crawl Practice. He swam around in his crib on his tummy happily for 45 minutes before crying to alert me of his obvious hunger worked up from his morning aerobics. Apparently, he has a fear of failure in front of others, so he's not going to try until he can already do it. Neurotic at nine months? I can't wait to see what kindergarten is like.

I got a new cell phone yesterday. I've had ye olde Razr for 3 or 4 years now and it was beyond time for me to get a new one. I was finally motivated by the fact that texting was a total chore and more and more of my friends insist on texting me. So I got me a fancy new iPhone knockoff that has an actual keyboard and makes it much easier to text. So, if you know my phone number, text away!

Since Piglet napped in his bed today instead of in his cave, I told him we could make cookies. He was really excited through the mixing and making process, but was quickly distracted when he realized he could reach the sink and asked if he could "do dishes". The child did dishes for about 45 minutes, allowing me to fold an entire load of laundry and entertain Pigpen properly. Then he fell off the chair and shattered my mixing bowl into four large pieces. He was far more worried about the bowl than himself as I attempted to ascertain if he had acquired any injuries. He said yes, but "Mommy fix bowl right NOOOOOOOOOOOW!" He was very concerned about the bowl.

Finally, I have a check up at the "real doctor" tomorrow, as opposed to the OB. Since I've been pregnant for like three years, I've only gone to an OB during that time. The problem is that my appointment isn't until 10:15 and I have to fast after midnight. Do you have any idea how freaking hungry I'm going to be by then?? I have to feed Pigpen in the morning and that makes me absolutely ravenous. I can't even have coffee because I can't drink it without cream! I'm going to be fun tomorrow.

I know I said finally before, but I have a bit of reality television droning in the background and I just wanted to reiterate my stance on the use of "myself" that is peppering our country with idiots. Every single reality show I watch (and that's a lot) has multiple participants who insist on using the word "myself" incorrectly in an attempt to sound intelligent. You know what, people? If you're not sure, just say "me". Seriously. Quit trying to be fancy. You just sound uneducated.

On that note, I think that Obama should really take care in using "I" as in "Michelle and I" because sometimes? It's correct to say "Michelle and me" and I feel like our President should know that rule. Now, I'm not being anti-Democrat in this particular instance because I also stated that Bush should not use words such as "nuke-cular" and "strategery".

That is possibly the most random blog post I have written. I attribute it to the long single motherhooded day I have had. And possibly the glass of pinot grigio. To review, that was fried brain, rain, trash cans, molar, stealth crawling, new phone, dish disaster, starving check up, use of myself, political non-bias regarding grammar and usage, and closing. Good night, friends.


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