Friday, May 08, 2009

Let me see that Georgia Roll~

Well, it turns out that wee Pigpen has a double ear infection and possible Hand, Foot, and Mouth, which my mother keeps referring to as "Hoof and Mouth Disease" even when I point out that Pigpen does not in fact have hooves. He does, however, have blisters in his throat which are potentially HFM, I guess. His hooves are okay so far, so it's not a confirmed diagnosis. In the meantime, I am to keep Piglet from putting things into his mouth that Pigpen has mouthed. Yeah. Ha. Okay. Happy Mother's Day! Your kid has hoof problems!

Taking the pair of them to the doctor's office is a job in itself because I'm such a germophobe. Piglet has to touch, fondle, and manhandle anything within reach of his eight octopus arms and put about half of them to his mouth to taste. I strapped Piglet into Pigpen's stroller as soon as I popped the infant carrier out of it. (Which by the way, we are one inch from outgrowing, but weight-wise still good, so I'm milking it as long as I can for ease of Shopping With Two.) Once he was strapped in securely, he promptly went through all 873 items that I brought to amuse him with and proclaimed himself all done with the doctor's office. No one had even admitted us at this point, so it was a long 30 minutes with Mr. Sunshine.

After receiving the Hoof Diagnosis, we set off for home, me brandishing disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for all I was worth. It was in doing this that I somehow managed to get a big blob of Purell in my eye. It hurt like a - well, it hurt a heap of a lot. With my right eye squeezed tightly closed, I leered with my left eye at the tiny, tiny print on the bottle which read something to the tune of "Only stupid people would put this in their eyes, but if you did, you'd best wash it out right quick." Since my car isn't the model with the sink in the rear, I had to settle for a good wipe out of the eye with my shirt sleeve and an old wipe whose original use remains unclear.

The rest of the day was the norm: Piglet fought sleep with all his might and Pigpen slept like the angel that he is, even with his two ear infections, hoof and mouth syndrome, and 102 degree temperature.

I've been craving sushi all week and finally we ordered from a new place tonight. Just to experiment, I ordered something called a Georgia Roll. I should have known it would have been deep fried. Who deep fries sushi, you ask? Apparently, Georgia does. It wasn't quite disappointing, just a little odd. Then the tip of my tongue began to swell inexplicably and I naturally assumed I was having an adverse reaction to the Georgia Roll in which my tongue was going to swell up, seal my breathing passages closed, and do me in. Turns out it's just a little cut on my tongue, perhaps a pimple of sorts. It was a close call, though. Near death, really.

We'll have to see how long this blogging streak with continue. It feels kind of good to write again, and perhaps to get sympathy for the repetitive nature of my days.

Oh, OH, OH!!! I almost forgot! The Miracle of All Miracles transpired today! I know I'm going to get an award for this somewhere along the way. Are you ready? You might want to sit down. mother in law? Left a message on our machine this afternoon that her mother's day gift could not have been more perfect. She was so happy on the message that I could tell she was smiling. I'm not even joking a little bit. You know you had her gift made? ME! You know who never even saw it before it was mailed? Mr. Pigs! I am amazing. I am a remarkable creature. It's like I have achieved an impossible task. In case you're looking for any last minute gift ideas (name that movie), it was a picture frame that I had made with a picture of the boys and some fancy schmancy embellishment to the tune of "Nana's Boys" in pretty pink and greens. I rock.

Must go now. It's past my bedtime and I've got an ailing Pigpen to tend to tonight. Happy weekend!

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