Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm curious about George.

I was just subjected to the longest bedtime ever. Mr. Pigs is working late and thankfully, my mom is here this week to help. (My dad too, but he offered to do dishes when he found out that there were potentially diapers involved in the bath process.) So, we put Pigpen and Piglet in the bathtub. Piglet refused to sit down, so he stood and stared at the shower head, saying he wanted to touch it. Pigpen got as clean as he can get (he still manages to somehow be dirty within minutes of a bath) and was livid about getting out because Piglet took his yellow letter Y. Livid.

Mom got Pigpen dressed for bed amid much wailing while I washed a vertical Piglet. While brushing his teeth, he told me he had gum in his hair. I'm pretty sure he has no idea what gum is, but when he added "like Alexander", I knew he was rerunning Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bed Day through his head. He makes vague book references throughout the day and people who don't read him all of his stories probably think he's a little insane. All I can think is what an awesome little dork he's going to be in literature circles one day and how I can't wait to read him Harry Potter. Nerd alert!

Then I put Pigpen to bed who chewed on one book and threw the other, preferring to be sung to and put to bed. Books slow him down and he sees no point. There's a chance he might have to be in the special reading group with the teacher. The one that my former teaching partner and I used to call "Lather, Rinse, and Repeat". Bygones.

Got him in his crib and he went to sleep promptly because he is the world's most perfect sleeping child. Then to deal with Piglet. I had chosen three books. He chose three others, the longest three in the bookshelf. Sigh. I fought through Curious George Goes to the Hospital, all 50 whatever pages of it until my throat hurt. He pointed to pictures. He asked questions. He said he wanted to be George's friend. Then we read another. Then another. My throat hurts from all the reading. Was he ready to go to sleep? Oh, no. He wanted his Clemson book. I gave it to him and left.

Then he starts knocking books off of his shelves. I return.

P: I have poo poo!

Me: Great.

P: It's in my diaper. On my bottom.

Me: Oh! Well, thanks for clearing that up.

P: I made poo poo so you would come back! [proud]

Me: Genius.

P: It's stinky, isn't it?

Me: Yes.

P: I need my Clemson book.

Me: Where is it?

P: In my sock drawer.

Me: Of course it is.

And so it goes. He's still in there, yammering on to himself at almost 9:00. Just chatting. Longest bedtime ever. I blame George.

Let's talk about George for a minute. He's a monkey.....who lives with his "friend" the man in the yellow hat. Really? And when he goes to the hospital he's the monkey who is in the children's ward with all of the (human) children. Also? At the end of the book, the doctor returns the puzzle piece to George which he retrieved from his gullet during the operation in the hospital. Because who wouldn't want to complete a puzzle with a puzzle piece which has been soaking in stomach juices?

I'm pretty tired after all that. Going to find something meaningful to watch on TV.

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